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Aorist Press is thrilled to announce the long-awaited hardcover 2nd edition of Orthodox Daily Prayers, Hours & Typica (previously published in two softcover volumes by St. Tikhon's Monastery Press). 


Our objective is to provide English-speaking Orthodox Christians with an accurate and poetic prayer book that is as similar as possible to the prayer books that all Orthodox Christians have used for generations in their native tongues. We have used a contemporary and dignified form of English liturgical language throughout, and have sought to eliminate the grammatical ambiguities and irregularities found in many recent attempts to conform worship and prayer with the lanague of modern secular society. 


Wherever possible, existing English translations of Orthodox prayers and other texts have been consulted and used. Psalms, Troparia, verses and prayers have also been newly revised and set in poetic meter to complement their rhythmic and lyrical character as preserved in traditional Orthodoxy. 


This work is set in what may now be called Revised Liturgical English (RLE). The primary sources for the Psalms and other biblical texts are the Greek Septuagint text and its translations into traditional Latin (Vulgate), Church Slavonic, and English (Douay-Rheims and Brenton)The Psalms of David from the Septuagint translated by Fr. Lazarus Moore, and especially The Psalter of the Prophet and King David with the Nine Biblical Odes, compiled by Michael Asser, with whom this editor collaborated in the early days of his Old Testament project. 


The Masoretic-based Protestant English-language texts (King James Version, Revised Standard Version, et al.), were consulted insofar as they provide literary norms and models for traditional liturgical English. The numbering of the Psalms conforms to the Septuagint. We leave to biblical scholars the continuing study of the merits of the various texts of Holy Scripture.

Orthodox Daily Prayers, Hours & Typica

    • Binding: Smyth-sewn hardcover
    • Dimensions: 4.15" x 6.15"
    • Black/red print
    • Highly durable construction designed for years of frequent use
    • Daily Prayers
      • Morning Prayers
      • Commemoration of the Living and the Departed
      • Prayers at Table
      • Prayers During the Day
      • Small Compline
      • Prayers Before Sleep
      • The Three Canons
      • Canon of Preparation for Holy Communion
      • Prayers of Thanksgiving after Holy Communion
    • Hours & Typica
      • First Hour
      • Third Hour
      • Sixth Hour
      • Typica
      • Ninth Hour
    • Appendix I: Sunday (Resurrection) Troparia & Kontakia
    • Appendix II: Weekday Troparia & Kontakia
    • Appendix III: Selected Troparia & Kontakia
      • Part A.: From the Triodion
      • Part B.: From the Pentecostarion
      • Part C.: From the Festal Menaion
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