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Includes all required reader/choir materials for Great Compline in the first week of Lent and Matins on the fifth Thursday. Features black print with red rubrical directions. 


This volume entirely eliminates the need to use multiple books during these services. All material is printed in full in the place where it occurs in the service, so singers do not need to flip back to the Great Compline portion during fifth Thursday Matins. 


Select contents of the Great Compline portion include: 

* Musical score of the Great Canon (Irmoi and refrains)

*Three arrangements of the Kontakion ("My soul, my soul, arise")

*Daily Troparia in Tone 2 (Monday/Wednesday) and Tone 8 (Tuesday/Thursday)

*English and Slavonic arrangements of the Hymn to the Theotokos ("To Thy Merciful Care"/"Под Твою Милость")


Select contents of the Matins portion include:

*Full text of the Six Psalms in Revised Liturgical English

*Alleluia and Triadica Hymns for Thursdays in Lent (Tones 1-8)

*Full text of the Eighth Kathisma in Revised Liturgical English

*Kathisma Hymns (Tones 1-8)

*Musical score of the Irmoi and refrains for the Great Canon and two Three-ode Canons

*Two arrangements of the Beatitudes

*Exapostilaria for Thursdays in Lent (Tones 1-8)


The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

  • Softcover with lay-flat spiral (wire coil) binding.

  • We are unable to accept returns on musical scores and other printed liturgical materials.

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