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This volume includes Revised Liturgical English recensions of the complete texts (irmosi, refrains and troparia) for the Great Canon (including troparia to St. Mary of Egypt and St. Andrew of Crete) and the three-ode canons to the apostles. It also contains the Synaxarion reading for St. Mary of Egypt, the Beatitudes (with troparia), and the two-part Life of St. Mary of Egypt by St. Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem. 


The Great Compline portion features troparia of the Great Canon, organized by day. The Matins portion presents the troparia of the three-ode canons to the apostles in-line with the Great Canon, eliminating the need to flip to another section of the book or consult a separate volume. 

The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete (Texts) and the Life of St. Mary of Egypt

  • Softcover (88 pp.) with lay-flat wire coil binding and red/black print for easy navigation.

  • We are unable to accept returns on printed material.

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