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"What a wonderful labor of love for the faithful." — Archbishop MARK (Maymon), Archbishop of the Diocese of Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania, Orthodox Church in America

"The balance of attentiveness to original meaning, traditional but not archaic language, and superior poetic meter make RLE the premier choice of English Orthodox prayer resources available today." — Archpriest Alexander Vallens, Rector, St. Tikhon Mission, Parker, CO

"We need a poet to arise in the American Church to bring a sense of understanding and beauty to our services." — V. Rev. Vladimir Borichevsky, 1973

"...poetic in quality and theologically insightful...formative and elevating, without being obscure." V. Rev. Raymond Martin Browne, Rector, St. Mark's Orthodox Church (OCA), Wrightstown, Pennsylvania

With gratitude to almighty God, Aorist Press is pleased announce our upcoming initial  release of five Orthodox Christian liturgical service books for reader and choir. 

Our liturgical service books feature: 


  • Revised Liturgical English (RLE) recensions of all texts, including Scripture, prayers and hymns

  • High-quality archival paper resists dog-earing, tearing and eraser damage

  • Durable, lay-flat wire-coil binding 

  • Rubrical directions in red print offer clear, concise guidance 

  • All Slavonic musical arrangements rendered in modern Cyrillic with English transliterations, including diacritical marks to aid correct pronunciation

  • All material is presented where it occurs in the service, eliminating the need to refer to the Psalter, Bible, Octoechos, Festal Menaion/Lenten Triodion/Pentecostarion, and  additional ordinary materials. (Note: certain moveable feasts and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts do require texts from the Menaion.)

  • All hymn texts not presented in a musical score are clearly pointed for Obikhod chant

  • Clean, crisp formatting with black and red print 

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